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Users can apply for eDistrict services from any of the following:-

  1. NagalandOne Common Service Centres (CSCs)
  2. UMANG Mobile App
  3. Departmental Offices
  4. Through the eDistrict Portal
  5. On approval of applications, users will get SMS/EMAIL alerts with a link to download Digitally Signed Certificates. Alternately, Users can also visit the concerned Departmental Office and cite their Case Number (or) Transaction ID to collect Hard Copy of the same.


  1. All Users on successful registration will be redirected to his/her dashboard after Login.
  2. Users must fill up the Profile Section mandatorily to access services.
  3. The Profile Section in the Users Dashboard will be used to Auto-Fill generic content in all the forms. The data provided by the User will be kept confidential and secure.
  4. All eDistrict Services can be accessed from the USER Dashboard after Logging In as shown below:-


  1. After filling up of form, USERs will be redirected to the Payment Gateway for paying the necessary Fess as prescribed for Services.
  2. Non-payment of Service Fees will be considered as incomplete application and the Application will not be submitted for further processing by the Service Providing Department.
  3. Users are also informed that there are Free Services like Application for Birth Certificate (within 20 days from Date of Birth), which do not require making any payment for processing.
  4. The eDistrict Payment Gateway has Transaction Charges and includes applicable GST which will be charged to the Applicant. This Transaction Fee is fixed for all Modes of Payment i.e. Debit/Credit Cards, NetBanking etc. For a detailed information on such fees please click here.


  1. The e-District Portal is acting as a facilitator and shall not be held responsible for matters pertaining to acceptance of any application for services provided through The matter of acceptance of applications for services  remains under the jurisdiction of concerned Service Providing Department / Organization. 




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